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Morwell Youth Space

Youth of the valley shaping their future – young minds at work

In April 2017, the Minister for Youth Affairs announced $4.3 million in new funding from the Victorian Government over the next three years for a new Youth Space/s in Latrobe.

A team of young people have been out and about talking with and listening to other young people about what its like to live in the Valley, what issues are important to them and what do they think is missing in the Valley to help them thrive. A Facebook page has also been established where ideas and experiences are being shared.

Throughout February 2018, this talented group of young designers and other young people from Latrobe will come together and utilise the data captured to workshop what activities and services the youth space/s could provide, share their views on where they feel the youth space/s would be best located, and explore physical design concepts.

For more information, contact Liz Bourke, Senior Project Officer, on or 51362400.