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Business growth grants program

The $10 million Latrobe Valley Economic Facilitation Fund is for businesses in the Latrobe Valley to grow and create jobs.

Regional Development Victoria’s dedicated unit in the Latrobe Valley is actively identifying and facilitating business growth and new jobs, working to fast track and realise investment opportunities.

The Fund is being administered under three streams:

  • Growing existing businesses – Helping the long-term sustainability of businesses by assisting them to adopt new technology and innovative processes to potentially diversify their operations and products, and create new jobs. This stream places a particular focus on small and medium enterprises.
  • Investment attraction – Attracting new businesses and industries to Latrobe Valley, focusing on regional competitive advantage and high-growth potential businesses and opportunities. The stream is flexible to industry needs but also targeted to help businesses realise a growth opportunity.
  • Market access – This stream aims to grow regional export capability and access to new markets for existing business and industry groups by supporting investments, projects and activities that help improve their engagement and understanding of new markets.

Funding will include the priority areas identified in the Gippsland Strategic Plan, local government economic development strategies, the Committee for Gippsland ‘Our Region Our Future’ report, and priorities identified by the Gippsland Regional Partnership.

Access the guidelines for the Latrobe Valley Economic Facilitation Fund.