The Community and Facility Fund has now been fully subscribed.

Please be advised that no further applications or expressions of interests will be received.

Submitted expressions of interest and applications will continue to be processed, and the LVA will work with those clubs and organisations that have secured funding to ensure all projects are successfully completed.

For more information please contact a member of the LVA grants team on 1800 136 762 or email

Current applications

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The Latrobe Valley Authority Community and Facility Fund provides a broader range of infrastructure related grants within the Liveable Latrobe Valley and the Socially active streams.

Liveable Latrobe Valley

These two infrastructure streams will support projects that will make the Latrobe Valley a better place to live and visit. Supported projects may include (but are not limited to) town beautification and streetscape projects, infrastructure that connects communities, linking recreation to retail precincts, attracting visitors, heritage and cultural initiatives of economic significance to the local community such as renewal of historic buildings and sites, arts and cultural centres or resource facilities, development of shared community spaces, upgrades to community spaces that enhance wellbeing and social connectedness and the development or renewal of visitor attractions.

Community Space Upgrades

Up to $300,000 for community space upgrades that enhance well-being and social connection

Town and Major Space Upgrades

Up to $1 million for town infrastructure developments, major upgrades, and visitor economy projects. These projects are expected to be managed by organisations with a proven track record of delivering similar projects with sound financial and corporate capability and/or be led by Local Government.

Socially Active Latrobe Valley

These program streams will support projects designed to make our communities vibrant and active places to live. Supported projects may include (but are not limited to) enhancement to facilities focused on music, artistic or cultural activities, and sporting facilities and precincts including parks, playgrounds and passive recreational area development and recreational precinct upgrades including rail trails, walking tracks and bicycle pathways.

Socially Active infrastructure

Up to $1 million is available for infrastructure projects under this stream.