New partnership for Latrobe Valley skills

A new partnership between SEA Electric and TAFE Gippsland will help prepare Latrobe Valley workers for upcoming jobs in the electric vehicle (EV) industry.

SEA Electric Regional Director Mark Cameron and TAFE Gippsland CEO Grant Radford at the signing of the new partnership.

The new partnership will allow collaboration on the development and delivery of training for workers interested in employment in the EV industry, including at SEA Electric’s future Latrobe Valley facility.

The courses developed under the partnership will focus on key electric vehicle skills including manufacturing, auto-electrical, engineering and vehicle maintenance.

TAFE Gippsland and SEA Electric have already appointed a joint team to begin work.

SEA Electric will develop an assembly facility in the Latrobe Valley that will employ up to 500 local workers to assemble their E4 model fully-electric vans and minibuses.

The company has already employed 17 Latrobe Valley workers in their current Dandenong facility, who will transition to the Latrobe Valley facility when it opens.

The Latrobe Valley Authority is currently working closely with the SEA Electric and Latrobe City Council to find an appropriate site for the facility, which is due to be under construction in 2020 and begin operations in 2021.

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