SEA Project Update

Electric commercial vehicle manufacturer, SEA Electric is powering ahead with establishing a large assembly facility in the Latrobe Valley by 2021.

The company plans to assemble its commercial van products in the new facility, which are designed for the Australian light commercial vehicle market.

With huge growth in demand for electric vehicles in Australia, the company has a large back order for vehicles, and have employed five staff from Latrobe Valley who are working in their Dandenong facility while the Latrobe Valley operations get up and running.

The priority for the company is first to identify and secure a suitable site, and they will be working closely with local council to have this secured by the end of 2019.

SEA Electric have also started working with Federation Training to align the company’s skill requirements and course offerings.

We will keep you updated with further milestones on this project in the coming months.

To find out more about SEA Electric click here.