Morwell Recreation Reserve upgrade

Morwell Recreation Reserve will be the centre of excellence for Australian Rules Football in Gippsland.

Morwell Recreation Reserve will build on its current activities and become the centre of excellence for Australian Rules Football in Gippsland.

Upgrades specific to football will include construction of a multi-use synthetic oval over the old caravan site and upgrades to the existing facilities, change rooms and club rooms.

This will increase capacity for football locally and at the elite level and support the ability to host AFL and AFLW level matches.

New netball courts and a shared cricket/netball multi-use pavilion have already been completed thanks to the funding support of the Federal Government in line with the high level masterplan previously prepared by Latrobe City Council.

Keegan Street Reserve will also be upgraded and the oval re-shaped to alleviate drainage issues and provide quality facilities for the key user groups and the community.

What’s happening now?


And now!

Morwell Recreation Reserve has been earmarked for development as Gippsland’s AFL Centre of Excellence, with transformative work on the ground bringing that vision ever closer to fruition.

A full scale redevelopment of the outdoor netball courts and car park at the reserve has been completed by Morwell based contractor HCM Constructions.

The first games were played on the new surface on April 28, 2018 with lighting now installed to accommodate training and night play.

Gippsland company Langden Constructions has also completed work on a shared netball and cricket pavilion which is experiencing extensive usage.

An aerial view of the new netball courts and shared pavilion.

A lighting upgrade to the main football oval was completed by local company Contracting Kings, with new towers installed and higher lux capacity lights now in use.

Four 30 plus metre high light towers with 44 LED lighting fixtures were installed following demolition of the old Telcom poles which were used for many years.

The new 200 lux LED lighting system allows the grounds to be used for semi-professional game play and professional practice matches.

Construction is well underway on a synthetic football oval neighbouring the Gippsland Power Centre of Excellence at the site of the former caravan park, with surfacing nearing completion.

Surfacing of the synthetic training oval is nearing completion.

Design work was completed by LD-Eng with lead contractor TUFF TURF undertaking the construction project.

Wet weather and site conditions have pushed the expected completion of the project back to the end of February 2020.

Light poles and cabling for a 150 lux LED sport lighting system have been installed along with a viewing mound and a majority of the retaining walls.

Architects and specialist engineers have been engaged to undertake the initial design work for the redevelopment of the football clubrooms and AFL Gippsland offices.

The clubrooms will be compliant with AFL facility guidelines for regional level football and plans include:

  • An extension and refurbishment of existing facility
  • DDA compliant unisex amenities
  • Multi-use change rooms allowing for female/male change rooms
  • Umpire facilities

Keegan Street Reserve

An aerial view of the Keegan Street Reserve.

The Keegan Street oval is being redeveloped as part of the $9 million Morwell Recreation Reserve project, co-funded by the state and federal governments.

The project includes reconstructing the oval with a new crown design, upgrading the irrigation system and improving drainage.

Oval realignment and drainage works have been undertaken and sprigging for new grass commenced in late January.

A new natural turf wicket block has been laid in the centre of the ground which, once completed, will become a top class cricket facility.

Installing new bollards, asphalting and driveway works will follow.

Local contractor A1 Civil is leading these works while Traralgon company Langden Constructions has installed a new four lane synthetic training wicket, including one for public access.

Access to the Keegan Street Reserve will be closed to the public during the construction works; pedestrian access through to Morwell Recreation Reserve is still available near the new shared sports pavilion.

Consultation was undertaken with Morwell Football Netball Club, Morwell Cricket Club, Morwell Croquet Club, AFL Victoria, Netball Victoria and Gippsland Power to determine their needs and ideas for the site.

A Project Reference Group including local stakeholders continues to guide the overall project.