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Morwell Recreation Reserve upgrade

Morwell Recreation Reserve will be the centre of excellence for Australian Rules Football in Gippsland.

Morwell Recreation Reserve will build on its current activities and become the centre of excellence for Australian Rules Football in Gippsland.

Upgrades specific to football will include construction of a multi-use synthetic oval over the old caravan site and upgrades to the existing facilities, change rooms and club rooms.

This will increase capacity for football locally and at the elite level and support the ability to host AFL and AFLW level matches. 

New netball courts have already been completed and a pavilion to be shared with cricket is currently under construction thanks to the funding support of the Federal Government in line with the high level masterplan previously prepared by Council.

Keegan Street Reserve will also be upgraded and the oval re-shaped to alleviate drainage issues and provide quality facilities for the key user groups and the community.

What’s happening now?


And now!

A full scale redevelopment of the outdoor netball courts and car park at the reserve has been completed by Morwell based contractor HCM Constructions.

The first games were played on the new surface on April 28, with lighting now installed to accommodate training and night play.

Traralgon company Langden Construction has begun work on a shared netball and cricket pavilion at the site, with completion expected in October.


Architects and specialist engineers have been engaged to undertake the initial design work for the redevelopment of the football clubrooms, AFL Gippsland offices and implementation of a synthetic oval.

LD-Eng has been awarded the design project for the synthetic training oval and works on the detailed design are well underway.

Consultation with Morwell Football Netball Club, Morwell Cricket Club, Morwell Croquet Club, AFL Victoria, Netball Victoria and Gippsland Power is progressing to determine their future needs and ideas for the site.

The Keegan Street oval will be redeveloped as part of the $9 million project, co-funded by the state and federal governments.

Initial planning for the re-shaping and layout of the oval has been completed, with considerations including the positioning of a new pavilion in relation to the oval alignment, the construction of a turf and synthetic wicket block and the relocation of training wickets.

A Project Reference Group has been appointed to help guide the overall project and has held a number of regular meetings to date.


  • Planning and construction

  • Stage one netball courts completion

  • Stage two completion

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