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Worker Transfer Scheme

Frequently asked questions

The Latrobe Valley Worker Transfer Scheme will support workers, their families and the broader Latrobe Valley community by minimising the impact of the Hazelwood power station and mine closure. 

What is the Latrobe Valley Worker Transfer Scheme?

The Scheme is designed to facilitate the recruitment of Hazelwood workers into jobs at other power generators in the Latrobe Valley.

The Victorian Government has entered into separate Partnership Agreements with each of the participating employers and the Latrobe Valley Unions.

How does the Scheme work?

Under the Scheme, participating employers will give their employees the opportunity to retire or resign by offering them a voluntary early retirement payment. Employees cannot be forced to retire as part of an early retirement scheme. This will create vacant positions and job opportunities for Hazelwood workers.

Who are the participating employers?

All the Latrobe Valley power generators are participating in the Scheme. This means  positions will become available at Loy Yang A (AGL), Loy Yang B (Engie) and Yallourn (Energy Australia).

The Victorian Government is continuing discussions with other employers about participating in the Scheme.

How many positions will be made  available?

The Scheme aims to place about 150 Hazelwood workers into jobs. Numbers may increase if other employers agree to participate in the Scheme Because the Scheme relies on the existing workforce volunteering for early retirement, there can be no guarantee of the number of positions that will be created.

How is the Victorian Government funding the Scheme?

The Victorian Government will fund the participating employers for each Hazelwood worker that they employ. This funding will partly offset the cost of the early retirement scheme. The participating employers will fund the balance of the costs associated with the early retirement scheme.

Participating employers are required to provide supporting evidence that they have employed an eligible Hazelwood worker in order to receive funding. This includes information such as the name of a previous employer(s), start and end date of work at Hazelwood, hours of work and /or a letter of termination or separation certificate from a Hazelwood employer.

What is the definition of a Hazelwood Worker for the purpose of the  Scheme?

Hazelwood worker means a person who:

  • As at 1 January 2017 was employed by Hazelwood Power Corporation Pty Ltd or a related entity and worked at the Hazelwood power station and mine or;
  • Was employed by one or more continuous presence contractors (as defined) and who worked at the Hazelwood power station and mine for not less than the equivalent of 120 days or 912 hours for the period of 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2016 and who was made redundant as a result of the Hazelwood closure.

How will employers recruit for these vacant positions?

This will be run in accordance with the employers’ existing recruitment and selection procedures

Employers must ensure that applicants are assessed and selected on merit, suitability for the role and in a manner consistent with anti-discrimination laws.

Hazelwood workers will be employed under the site terms and conditions set by the relevant enterprise agreement that applies at the site where they are employed.

Who will be able to apply for these jobs?

Position vacancies will be open to all job applicants however Hazelwood workers are well placed because they have the  skills and experience related to the power industry.

Victorian Government funding, which is linked to the employment of Hazelwood workers, also provides an incentive for the recruitment of Hazelwood workers.

When will jobs be available?

AGL (Loy Yang A) and Engie (Loy Yang B) have already commenced recruitment activity. The early retirement schemes will run for a period of two years. Some positions will be available immediately. Others will become available over a longer period of time dependant on the agreed retirement date of the early retirement volunteers.

The number and pace of recruiting Hazelwood workers is limited by the capacity of the employers to safely train and deploy new staff.

In addition to positions created by the early retirement scheme, the participating employers will also continue to recruit as needed for  operational reasons or natural attrition.

Will Hazelwood workers get a redundancy payment?

Yes. Engie are legally required to pay each eligible worker at Hazelwood a redundancy payment. For most this was on 31 March 2017. However there are workers who are decommissioning the plant and rehabilitating the mine. 

Participating employers who employ an eligible Hazelwood worker engaged in decommissioning and mine rehabilitation activities are entitled to funding under the Scheme.

Back to Work Scheme

Participating employers may also be eligible for a Back to Work Scheme payment when they employ a Hazelwood worker, subject to the terms of the Scheme including that the worker must earn less than $120,000 per annum on a fulltime basis.

Where do I get further information? 

Latrobe Valley Authority,
131 Princes Drive Morwell

Phone: 1800 136 762