Health and Wellbeing

The health and wellbeing industry is a significant source of employment in Gippsland, and it is projected to expand in the future. This growth is influenced by the aging population, public policies, and the increased emphasis on wellbeing, which are driving changes throughout the region.

We work closely with the Latrobe Health Assembly, Latrobe Health Advocate, Federation University, TAFE Gippsland and local health providers to ensure a skilled workforce to meet the needs of the growing health and wellbeing sector across Gippsland.

It’s one of the largest employers in Gippsland and is expected to continue to grow due to an ageing population, public policy and the shifting focus on wellbeing driving change in health and wellbeing services across the region.

Health services include medical, nursing, pharmacy, allied health, hospital, community services and disability, while wellbeing services relate to tourism, healthy aging, beauty, fitness and alternative medicines.

We aim to build a strong regional health and wellbeing system for Gippsland to future proof the workforce, provide innovative products and services, and support a healthy, connected and prosperous community by contributing to:

  • A Health and Wellbeing sector that has established networks and systems to enable ongoing innovation and growth opportunities
  • A Health and Wellbeing sector that builds partnerships and networks to maximise opportunities and influences system wide innovation and workforce growth
  • Ongoing sector capability to develop networks, systems and initiatives to meet its future workforce needs
  • Community lead engagement and accessible and inclusive places that contribute to a connected Latrobe Valley

Gippsland Health and Community Services Pathways

Life Changing Careers in Health and Community Services

We partnered with Federation University to create a series of videos to promote Health and Community Service Pathways in Gippsland.

Recommendations from Gippsland’s Future Health and Community Services Workforce report stated that in order to support and increase the sector’s workforce, a greater awareness of opportunities and pathways needed to be supported. Priority careers were taken from the Health and Community Services workforce working groups.

Federation University led the project with support from numerous education and training organisations in Gippsland. A series of 10 videos was produced, profiling current students and graduates to demonstrate their different study and career journeys in Gippsland’s Health and Community Services sector. The videos feature both mature-age students and recent school-leavers, and cover a range of disciplines within the sector.

The promotional videos and supporting collateral are available for use by the community, education and industry.

Watch the video series here.


Download Gippsland's Future Health and Community Services Workforce report here.

Human Connections Report

The Human Connections in Latrobe campaign is being delivered by the Latrobe Health Advocate in partnership with the Latrobe Valley Authority, The Latrobe Health Assembly, Latrobe City Council and the Department of Families Fairness and Housing. This campaign was identified in the Latrobe Health Advocate’s 2019-20 Statement of Intent as a Community Priority Campaign.

A report addressing social connection in Latrobe has recently been compiled which aims to identify the breadth of programs that have an impact on preventing and/or limiting social isolation within their communities. This research looks at definitions of social connection and interchangeable terms, consistent themes in the literature, case studies of social connection and some examples framework by which the campaign may assess its impact.


Download the Human Connections Report here.