Aligning Smart Specialisation with Sustainable Development Goals

We are very proud of Gippsland's status as the first (and currently only) region outside Europe to be registered on the EU smart specialisation platform. This pride was further boosted when the region's journey with this regional development model was featured in a European Commission JRC Science for Policy Report.

Titled Enhancing the sustainability dimension in Smart Specialisation strategies: a framework for reflection, the report looks at the framework and lessons from policy practice to align Smart Specialisation with Sustainable Development Goals.

The case study notes that targeted networking and stakeholder engagement have been crucial to successfully implementing the S3 principles on crucial local projects and that the Gippsland Business Innovation Survey, modelled on the European Community Innovation Survey and adapted to a Gippsland context, has been a creative solution to source data and create evidence of progress for the region.

Read the full report.