Tourism is an economic driver, generating jobs and contributing lifestyle benefits to communities across Gippsland.

We work closely with Destination Gippsland and a range of industry, education, government, and community partners to identify opportunities to further leverage tourism as one of Gippsland’s regional strengths.

Building on Destination Gippsland’s Gippsland Destination Management Plan, LVA has funded a Tracks and Trails Feasibility Study and the Gippsland Regional Events Strategy both of which provide direction for our work in visitor economy.

Events Gippsland

LVA has provided funding to Destination Gippsland for Events Gippsland as identified through the Gippsland Regional Events Strategy.

The Events Gippsland working committee includes the six local councils within Gippsland, as well as departmental representation from the Latrobe Valley Authority, Regional Development Victoria and Sport and Recreation Victoria.

The committee decide what events will be funded based on agreed assessment criteria like return on investment, how it builds community capacity, and how it promotes the region.  Funding has been received from LVA and Regional Development Victoria with all event acquisition funding matched by local councils.

The collaboration aims to reduce direct competition between Councils, strategically acquire and develop events, coordinate and share resources, facilitate information sharing, and reduce costs through working together.

Gippsland tracks and trails

The Tracks and Trails feasibility study identified significant opportunities for the creation of iconic tracks and trails across Gippsland’s landscape, that will drive further visitation and economic prosperity for the region.

Destination Gippsland has been funded to further test, deliver, and coordinate a Gippsland approach to the development of this regional strength engaging all key stakeholders.