10 Years on: Community Day

16 January 2024

Hazelwood Mine Fire - 10-years on

The LVA is looking forward to being a part of 10 Years on: Community Day, on February 17, a community event created to commemorate and reflect on progress since the Hazelwood Mine Fire.

There is no doubting that the fire event in early 2014 had a significant impact on the Latrobe Valley. The Community Day aims to respect the enormity of this impact whilst also celebrating, commemorating, and reflecting on the 10 years that have passed since the Hazelwood Mine Fire.

The event is open to the public, is free to attend and everyone is welcome. MWe will also be there! A group of enthusiastic staff from LVA will join others in volunteering at the event and there will also be an opportunity to find out more about Gippsland 2035 – the Latrobe Valley and Gippsland Transition Plan and all the progress that’s being made in the region.

In keeping with the Community Day’s focus of ‘celebrating the wins’ and recognising ‘how far we’ve come’, the Transition Plan provides an optimistic and realistic perspective on the future of our region and was developed with the aspirations and priorities of the community at its heart.

Come along for a chat and find out more about the Transition Plan:

  • Young people aspire to study and work in the region
  • High quality, valued jobs and career pathways in industries with a long-term future
  • A thriving economy focused on identified areas of strength
  • Empowered and thriving communities that are diverse and socially cohesive
  • Accessible and inclusive services for health and wellbeing.

10 Years on Community Day – 10am-5pm 17 February 2024, Kernot Hall Morwell
Register for your free tickets or get involved by volunteering