Gippsland 2035

Gippsland 2035

Gippsland 2035

Gippsland 2035: A Vision for Thriving Communities, Sustainable Industries, and Economic Growth

What is “Gippsland 2035”?

Backed by extensive collaboration, “Gippsland 2035” is what we’ve called the suite of these three documents that form the vision and actions that will see Gippslanders thrive as the region transitions towards a sustainable and prosperous future:

Together, these documents provide a blueprint for Gippsland's transition and offer a promising path toward a brighter future for the region.

The Transition Plan: A Vision for Gippsland 2035

The Latrobe Valley and Gippsland Transition Plan embodies a collective vision for the region in 2035. This vision, developed by and for the people of Gippsland, reflects the hopes, dreams, and aspirations shared by thousands of community members. It outlines a long-term strategy for achieving economic growth, job creation, and sustainable industries.

The Implementation Plan

Complementing the Transition Plan is a five-year Implementation Plan. This document gives the community a clear roadmap for current and planned activities. The Implementation Plan serves as the basis for further investment and engagement from industry, the community, and all levels of government. It brings together stakeholders to execute the Transition Plan and drive tangible results for Gippsland's future. It will be updated regularly to reflect current action towards Gippsland’s transition.

The Outcomes Framework

The Outcomes Framework plays a crucial role in monitoring Gippsland's progress towards achieving the goals outlined in the Transition Plan.

It functions as a yardstick, it’s a way of checking whether we are on track to achieve our goals. It communicates:

  • What the Plan aims to achieve – these are the outcomes described in the Plan.
  • What needs to change to help us get there – these are the indicators in this Outcomes Framework.
  • How we will know if we are making progress – these are the measures in this Outcomes Framework.

The development of the Outcomes Framework was a collaborative effort involving input from business, community, and government representatives, ensuring that the framework reflects Gippsland's stakeholders' collective aspirations and expertise.

Gippsland 2035 is more than just a vision; it's a comprehensive strategy for the region's transformation. With the Transition Plan, Implementation Plan, and Outcomes Framework in place, Gippsland has a well-defined roadmap to guide its transition towards a thriving, sustainable, and economically robust future.

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