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Restoration nails historic venue as a stable favourite for Gippsland

In the charming township of Boisdale, just north of Maffra, a remarkable transformation has unfolded over the past 15 years. It's a heart-warming tale of community dedication, government support, and historic preservation that has breathed new life into a cherished local treasure—the Boisdale Stables.

On Friday, October 13th, the Boisdale and District Progress Association invited the community to celebrate the official opening of the Boisdale Stables. The event represents the culmination of years of hard work and collaboration, marking a significant milestone in the history of this small but resilient community.

The journey began in 2007 when the Stables, a building dating back to 1908, was generously donated to the Boisdale community. Recognizing its historical and cultural significance, the community embarked on a mission to restore and repurpose the Stables into a versatile event venue. Thousands of volunteer hours were dedicated to restoring the building and a number of local suppliers donated materials or provided them at low cost. The Stables became a popular venue for weddings, exhibitions, educational tours and community events however, in 2018, the local council advised that the venue needed toilet facilities for events to continue.

The turning point came from a Community and Facility Fund grant administered by the LVA, enabling the construction of a new amenities block, storage facilities, a display area and the installation of audio-visual equipment. With these enhancements, the Stables now serve as a central events space for the district, offering a diverse array of functions. The rustic historical ambience of the building combined with modern facilities is a winning combination for the region, with Boisdale Progress Association Secretary Helen Montague noting a significant increase in bookings for weddings, events, and Christmas functions.

Chief Executive Officer of the LVA, Chris Buckingham, said that over $7.7 million had been committed towards 77 community projects across Wellington Shire through the Community and Facility Fund. "Grants like this have significantly impacted the liveability of small communities like Boisdale. It's great to see the obvious benefits of improved liveability and increased visitor attraction being enjoyed by Gippsland communities because of the drive and ambition behind projects like this one."

The Boisdale Stables project demonstrates the power of a united community, government, and local businesses working together to preserve history and create opportunities for current and future generations Despite having a population of only 307, the accomplishment of this community is a testament to their drive, persistence and resourcefulness. Congratulations Boisdale!