Gippsland Innovation Breakfast

Taryn Brumfitt

Gippsland Innovation Breakfast - Inspiring Change and Empowerment

The Gippsland Innovation Breakfast series is a collaboration between Federation University, Latrobe Valley Authority, and Regional Development Victoria. It is dedicated to addressing critical issues and fostering innovation in the region. The October breakfast left a lasting impact on all who attended with its focus on body positivity and empowerment.

Keynote speaker, Australian of the Year, Taryn Brumfitt, is an award-winning filmmaker, a bestselling author, and a globally sought-after presenter. As the Co-Executive Director of The Embrace Collective, she has made it her mission to spread the message of body positivity and self-love.

Taryn's presentation delved into the global issue of body shaming and self-hate that affects people of all ages, including children. In today's post-COVID digital era, parents, teachers, and caregivers face a practical challenge: How can we help our children develop a healthy body image and a strong sense of self-worth? Taryn  provided answers rooted in her decade of experience on the front lines of battling this global problem.

What made Taryn's message even more impactful was her reliance on the latest research from leading body image experts. Her presentation was a fusion of personal experiences, evidence-based research, and the wisdom of experts. Taryn emphasized that a healthy body image is essential for overall well-being, and she provided practical knowledge on how to instil it in ourselves, our children, and the generations to come.

Following Taryn's compelling talk, a panel discussion focused on how the issue of body image and self-esteem resonates within the Gippsland community. The panel featured locals who are actively contributing to the cause:

  • Danielle Wagstaff, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Federation University.
  • Rochelle Hine, Lecturer at Monash Rural Health.
  • Casey McEwan, a Youth Ambassador with connections to Morwell Youth Space.

The panel highlighted the impact of negative body image on young people in the local community. Despite the challenges, there are positive developments in Gippsland regarding body image and how we talk about our own and others' bodies. These discussions offer hope for a brighter future in which individuals in Gippsland can embrace self-love and body positivity.