Celebrating Tanisha's Step Up Success

30 April 2024
Pictured: LVA Senior Program Officer Lenice Gaunt, Step Up graduate Tanisha, and LVA Program Support Officer Sue Mead.

Tanisha hated school. She was disengaged from the work and ready to quit when her teachers gave her an ultimatum: enrol in Ladder's Step Up program or get expelled.

She thought the program couldn't be worse than school, so she gave it a go.

Step Up Latrobe Valley is an intensive six-week mentorship program for young people who have become disengaged from school or work.

The program helps them explore education and employment options as they transition to independent living.

Ladder's mentors take a holistic approach. In some cases, students might be lacking career goals, or be ready to quit school, just like Tanisha.

Some have become disconnected from their families, and, for some, gaining access to their basic information like their birth certificates is challenging.

Talking to Tanisha, you wouldn't describe her as lacking confidence. She's warm, open, and enthusiastic; the kind of person you could see succeeding in many workplaces. Before the program she had a very different attitude. She describes herself as a poor communicator: quiet and unlikely to put herself out there.

After six weeks of intensive mentorship, Tanisha graduated as 'Best on Ground' for her Ladder Step Up cohort. Her mentors said she really came out of her shell. She began turning up early to the program and was always ready to engage in group activities.

Tanisha found her confidence, and a direction she's passionate about. She is now racing towards a career in midwifery - a goal her Ladder mentors will continue to support her with.

Ladder Step Up Latrobe Valley is one of the programs for young people supported by the LVA that has a huge impact on the lives of the participants.

You can find out more about the impact of Ladder Step Up here: Step Up Latrobe Valley | The Ladder Project Foundation

Pictured L-R: LVA Senior Program Officer Lenice Gaunt, program graduate Tanisha, and LVA Program Support Officer Sue Mead.