Collaboration and Innovation in Agriculture and Horticulture

 A representative of Plant Factory showcasing their vertical farming technology

30 May 2024

Showcasing Vertical Farming and Controlled Environment Agriculture

The idea of farming going up in the world is nothing new, but the technology to enable vertical farming and controlled environment agriculture (CEA) is ever evolving, particularly when it comes to the impact of climate change on food production.

To better understand this rapidly growing sector, a Vertical Farming Showcase was hosted by Food and Fibre Gippsland and the LVA on 15 May brought which bought together a diverse group of stakeholders, innovators, horticulturalists, and technical experts.

The event provided a platform for sharing knowledge and expertise and demonstrated the strong collaboration between technology providers in the sector.

Keynote speaker Professor Paul Gauthier, vertical farming expert from the University of Queensland, provided insights into the impact of climate change on food production and the potential of vertical farming to address these challenges in the face of climate uncertainty – something many Gippsland producers are keen to know more about.

Professor Gauthier outlined a vision for the future of agriculture combining traditional growing practices with vertical farming and CEA technology (hydroponics, aeroponics, aquaculture, and aquaponics).

Industry experts showcased CEA technologies from around the world including South Korea, Japan, the Netherlands and Scotland. The latest advancements and best practices encouraged attendees to explore new possibilities and solutions for horticulture and agriculture in Gippsland.

Overall, the event served as great example of the collaborative culture that exists amongst a variety of sectors in Gippsland and emphasised that this continued approach is essential for driving innovation and progress in agriculture and horticulture, ultimately contributing to a more resilient and food secure future.

Pictured: A representative of Plant Factory showing their technology to Lesia Goodwin, General Manager, Gippsland Forestry Hub