Community Day - Hazelwood Mine Fire: 10 Years On

27 February 2024

February 17 saw industry, community and government came together to mark the significant progress the Latrobe Valley community has made since the Hazelwood Mine Fire in 2014.

The LVA was pleased to support and be part of the community day held at Kernot Hall. A massive day of acknowledgement, reflection, celebration and inclusion was organised by Life After Coal's Stephanie Sabrinskas and Josie Hess, the event working group, and a host of volunteers.

The event was a huge success and an engaging and respectful way to bring the community together to mark such a significant event. There was a beautiful energy throughout the day as people came together in recognition of the enormous impact the fire had on our community for better and worse.

With a program full to the brim of activities, experiences, panel discussions, food and stalls, there was something for each one of the 1,000 attendees.

The LVA asked community members to 'Put Yourself in the Picture - #Gippsland2035'. It was amazing how excited young and old were about having their photo taken using our quirky cut-outs (above) and how keen they were to have a chat about what they want for themselves, for their family, for their community, and for Gippsland in 2035.

Jobs, education, community, connections, sustainability, and more skateparks (a 10-year old’s very important aspiration) were just some of the things to those who chatted with us, asked questions, shared what’s important to them for the region.

What a great opportunity to join with so many other agencies, community groups, businesses, artists, service providers and volunteers in an event that really showcased and celebrated a strong, diverse and resilient community.

Visitors to the LVA booth were asked to share their thoughts regarding...

What do you want for yourself, your family, your community, and for Gippsland in 2035?

This is a collection of responses from the day...