Community Helps Design Air Monitoring Blueprint

A community co-design panel has developed a blueprint for a new air monitoring network in the Latrobe Valley.

Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) facilitated the co-design process, which involved more than 30 community members and came up with a single model for the air monitoring network.

The new model provides more air monitoring coverage and uses equipment that can be moved and adapted to changing circumstances.

EPA has now begun the process of buying air monitoring equipment and identifying specific installation sites so the community’s design can be implemented.

The design incorporates air monitoring stations east of Flynn and dust sensors at Yinnar South and Morwell East, as well as 14 smoke sensors and eight gas sensors.

The community chose to maintain EPA’s air monitoring stations at Traralgon, Morwell East, Morwell South and Churchill, but to move the current Moe station to the northern side of the town.

The design also includes the installation of video cameras at Hernes Oak, Tyers and Balook to help monitor visible signs of smoke and dust.

EPA anticipates the new air monitoring network will be built during 2017 and 2018. As suggested by the panel, the network will be trialled for 12 months to ensure it is working optimally.

For more information about the panel or air quality in the Latrobe Valley visit or call 1300 EPA VIC (1300 372 842).