Community report released today

Transitioning to a strong future

Karen Cain holding a copy of the report

Our CEO, Karen Cain at the today's launch of the report.

This week we’re excited to launch a three-year community report detailing our work since Latrobe Valley Authority’s establishment in November 2016.

We’ve been working hard in partnership with you – our local businesses and community - on projects that matter most to secure the long-term growth of our region. It is only due to the willing and open approach of many people to new solutions and possibilities that this work has been possible.

From immediate response activities, we’ve now shifted our focus to strengthening skills and creating jobs in long term sustainable industries.

The results are showing – since September 2016 unemployment rates in the Latrobe-Gippsland region have fallen by 3.7 points.

However, jobs are just part of the story – true sustainable change can only happen through long term investment and focus on creating a vibrant and liveable Latrobe Valley that everybody benefits from.

For a copy of the community report, call our office on 1800 136 762.

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