Community Update August 2017

The second Latrobe Valley Authority Community Update provides an overview of some of the work LVA is doing for workers, businesses and the Latrobe Valley community.

Message from the CEO:

We hope this update helps to keep you informed about the work of the Latrobe Valley Authority underway in our community.

We are working closely in partnership with local government, businesses and community to deliver the priorities for this region in the way that local people want this community to grow.

While we work to support our current workforce to help them transition to new jobs, training and retirement, we are also working with our partners to develop future opportunities to ensure our workforce is well prepared and aligned with the growing industries in our region.

We are working closely with local businesses to help them grow and expand, and with new businesses looking to establish in the Valley.

Many of the community projects underway will ensure our community is vibrant, healthy and well prepared for the future.

Karen Cain
CEO, Latrobe Valley Authority

Download the Community Update here