Community Update March 2018

This Latrobe Valley Authority Community Update provides an overview of some of the work LVA is doing for workers, businesses and the Latrobe Valley community.

Message from the CEO

It’s an incredibly exciting time to be in the Valley with so much work already having a huge impact on shaping the future of our region.

As we transition to a sustainable and diverse economy there will be changes in our workforce needs. The Worker Transition Service has supported more than 1,100 workers and their families and we’ll continue to do this as these changes occur.

Our community leaders, business, education and government organisations are working together, building on our strengths and focussing on things that are most important to our community and will have the most impact.

At the same time, many of our local businesses are increasing their capability and finding new ways of doing business. So far 437 people have been employed through the Back to Work Scheme and 18 local businesses have secured funding to help them grow from Regional Development Victoria’s Economic Facilitation Fund – resulting in 469 new jobs.

There are many more businesses with expansion plans underway, particularly in areas of strength and competitive advantage such as food and fibre, health, energy production and advanced manufacturing.

We are also working with our education providers to ensure local people are connected to training and programs that give them the best chance of successful, fulfilling employment now and into the future.

We will continue to focus on building strong, healthy, resilient and well-connected communities with attractive facilities, a vibrant local culture and events that draw people to visit, bringing valuable tourism dollars.

By working together on this united vision, and welcoming new ideas and solutions, we will create a bright future for our region.

Karen Cain,
CEO Latrobe Valley Authority

Download the community update here