Festival of Big Ideas Blows Young Minds

Nadine Champion presenting at korumburra high
Nadine Champion presenting at Korumburra High

Young people are 100% our future!

Several FOBI events this year focused on making sure young people were involved in the dialogue that will help shape the future of our region.

'Be Seen and Heard' offered up a mix of fun activities and good chats about issues that matter most to young people. Delivered by Uplift at Drouin and Morwell, young people shared their bright ideas on creating a more youth-friendly Gippsland.

Meanwhile, at Korumburra Secondary's 'Student Extravaganza', students were treated to a keynote by Nadine Champion - a martial arts Sensei, high-performance mindset coach, author, and TEDx speaker. And all-round inspiring human. Nadine brought her uniquely honest and surprisingly funny insights on strength, fear, and courage gained through a life dedicated to martial arts. Good things are on the other side of just 10 seconds of courage!

Students also took part in Bridge Building with Federation University, where teams competed in designing and testing bridges for structural strength as well The Human Rights Game by the Brainary: a board game that challenges students with real-world societal issues. Minds-blown!

'Powerpops VR' was also at the party, with students checking out Gippsland's renewable energy future virtually thanks to Gippsland Climate Change Network. Hands got dirty with 'Seed Planting' hosted by the Mine Land Rehabilitation Authority (MLRA) and local nursery Habitat Creations, where students learned about habitat regeneration.

What a day! Young minds inspired and empowered to envision big and meaningful futures. Gippsland’s future leaders are in the room - we can’t wait to see where their big ideas take us.