Gippsland Business Awards

Gippsland Business Awards

It's almost time for Gippsland Business to step onto the red carpet.

The Latrobe Valley Authority (LVA) is delighted to support the Federation University Gippsland Business Awards. These awards celebrate entrepreneurial spirit and encourage collaboration in the region. This year, we are sponsoring the Innovation Award, which recognises businesses that successfully implement innovative technology, products, or services. Innovation is at the core of LVA's way of working so it seems the perfect fit for us to sponsor this award.

The Innovation Award finalists this year are Big Bears Donuts, Snowy River Biltong, and Modra Technology.

Although very different, all three companies have showcased their ability to adapt to customer needs swiftly, lead on a global level in their respective industries, and work in close partnership with the local community. When businesses embrace innovation, they are more likely to create products, services, and processes, that enhance their competitiveness and sustainability. The three finalists in the Innovation category all demonstrate creativity in the way they go about business.

We love working with business, community, government and educators as we navigate transition across the region together. And we actively foster innovation and continue to support the development of a more sustainable economy for Latrobe Valley and Gippsland.

Congratulations to all the businesses acknowledged in the Business Awards. We’ve got everything crossed for you! Your work promotes the region, advances technology, provides training and jobs and helps to keep Gippsland thriving. Here’s to celebrating business in Gippsland!

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