Gippsland Circular Economy Hub

19  March 2024

Circular Economy on a roll in Gippsland - the Hub is here!
With a mission to foster a sustainable and thriving regional economy, community and environment in Gippsland, the Gippsland Circular Economy Hub (GCEH) will bring together businesses, industry, community groups, government, research and education to collaborate on identifying and actioning circular economy projects and initiatives.

Why go circular?
Transitioning to a circular economy is a priority for Victoria; a systemic change away from the traditional linear economy of consume, dispose, pollute.

A circular model has reuse, repair, recycle and repurpose designed into systems, supply chains and products to ensure resources are used again and again. This minimises the use of raw materials, reduces waste, lowers carbon emissions, and benefits economic growth.

A circular economy fosters innovation and productivity that invigorates existing businesses and creates new ones, delivering more jobs and more growth for local, regional, state and global economies. Gippsland is uniquely positioned to accelerate this activity in the wider transition to a clean economy and build on its emerging reputation as clean, green and innovative.

How will a Hub help?
Circular Economy Hubs are in operation throughout Australia, with a number already established in Victoria, and several international models already supporting circular transition.

A Hub in Gippsland will lead to: 
Increased knowledge and adoption of circular economy practices
✔️ Expand and grow the already existing strengths and profile of circular economy in Gippsland and identify viable opportunities. 
✔️ Facilitate Gippsland circular economy events and networking opportunities considering themes such as remanufacturing, circular business models, circular procurement, designing out waste. 
✔️ Support the increased demand for Gippsland circular products and services. 

Increased collaboration for circular economy solutions 
✔️ Provide practical assistance to Gippsland organisations that could benefit from circular economy solutions. 
✔️ Facilitate opportunities for expansion or establishing new businesses that are handling materials that are considered as waste or have low value. 
✔️ Bring together industry practitioners, policy makers, academics and the wider community to deliver circular economy research, innovation, and value-adding initiatives.

Who is involved in the GCEH?
Backed by OneGippsland, the European Union Centre of Excellence at RMIT, the University of Melbourne, and Federation University have partnered with the LVA, Food & Fibre Gippsland, all 6 Gippsland local governments and business and community organisations to understand the circular economy opportunity and co-design the Gippsland Circular Economy Hub.

LVA will provide administration and coordination of the Hub in year 1.

What's coming up?
Secure your spot at the Gippsland Circular Economy Hub’s for the first two forums for the year.

FORUM 1 - Introduction to the Circular Economy in Gippsland
1pm Wednesday 3 April 2024 - Morwell Innovation Centre

Join Gippsland business, industry and community to discover how: 
♻️ the region's circular economy story is going so far – circularity is guiding design and operations at Sailors Grave Brewery, Plasgain and Gippsland Regional Organics 
🤝 collaboration will benefit Gippsland's transition towards net zero 
✋ you can get involved.

FORUM 2 – Food Production and the Circular Economy
June 8 (time and venue to be advised)

For further information about the Hub, email Nicholas King at