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Gippsland New Energy Launches Web Site Portal

The Gippsland New Energy portal was launched at the New Energy Conference, much to the delight of the audience. The portal provides comprehensive information on renewable energy proposed infrastructure developments in Gippsland.

The portal was designed in Gippsland for Gippslanders, to tell the story of the region's new energy journey. The portal has information about cultural and environmental considerations, community engagement opportunities and local skills and training. The site's value is its openness to share and connect the community with the journey the region is on. The LVA's involvement with the portal stems from our strong belief in connection, information sharing, and understanding the value of being a place-based organisation.

The portal also provides resources on how individuals and community groups can participate in shaping the development of new energy in the Gippsland region. By understanding the region's priorities, sensitivities, and aspirations, we can work together to shape the future of new energy. The portal displays various ways to engage, such as attending events, sharing ideas, and joining community energy groups.

The Gippsland area boasts a wealth of natural resources, including wind and solar energy, that will aid in Victoria's shift towards renewable energy. One of the portal’s main features is the interactive map that enables you to view nearby projects. You can then use filters to display projects that pique your interest.

The New Energy portal and the LVA operate similarly. They have a shared intention of bringing parties together, initiating conversations and acting as a catalyst to foster collaboration.

If you would like to visit the New Energy Portal, click here.