Gippsland to host first ever energy conference

Gippsland to host first-ever New Energy Conference August 11-12, 2022 - changing the way we source energy

“As the east coast of Australia grapples with dramatic threats of power outaGNECges and rising power costs, it is timely to bring together these important stakeholders to discuss our energy future, right here in Sale”, said CEO of Gippsland Climate Change Network (GCCN), Darren McCubbin.

An extensive* network of national and international experts, government agencies, educators, business and community groups are proud to present Gippsland’s first ever New Energy Conference in Sale, Gippsland Thursday 11-12 August 2022.

The conference aims to connect like-minded individuals, industry, businesses and supply chains and all levels of government, to better understand the depth and diversity of renewable energy opportunities and encourage future growth.

“We want to further the renewable energy conversation and focus on projects, jobs, training, and economic investments. New energy can be an economic disruptor to support sustainability, wealth and future prospects in the region,” Darren McCubbin said.

*The extensive conference partner network includes the Gippsland Climate Change Network, Latrobe Valley Authority, Department of Environment Land Water and Planning, Wellington Shire Council and Latrobe City Council, TAFE Gippsland, Federation University, South Gippsland Shire Council and Solar Victoria.

By nature of geographic location, Gippsland is a renewable energy hotspot thanks to its access to 42km of coastline with low water depth, wind and solar energy, geothermal renewable energy layer only 650 metres beneath the surface, hydrogen and access to existing transmission infrastructure all within close in proximity to Melbourne.

It is an exciting time for Gippsland with a significant amount of $33 billion worth of projects in the new energy pipeline. The developments will all contribute to reducing emissions which is part of Victoria’s Climate Change Strategy - a roadmap to net-zero emissions for Victoria by 2050. Victoria’s temperature has already increased 1.2C since1910.

To book tickets ($300 inclusive of all catering) and for more information;!!C5rN6bSF!BLBWQIqMnQ2h2_lzHvVxJPjcfNIVaYN0pLnDV3lK49OZwJNg5MWbl18oGk3UNNui6KFo0p70K73En6R13LW0aypmtWlavfp-0GX8-B0$

  • Thursday 11th August 2022 (daytime) – full day Conference (The Wedge, Sale)
  • Thursday 11th August 2022 (evening) – Gala Dinner (The Stables, Sale)
  • Friday 12th August 2022 (morning) – half day Conference (Victoria Hall, Sale)
  • Sale August 11-12 , at the Wedge auditorium followed by a gala dinner at the Old Cob and Co Stables