GovHack comes to Latrobe Valley

Registrations are now open for the Latrobe Valley’s first GovHack hackathon competition to be held on the site of the future Gippsland Hi-Tech Precinct in Morwell.

GovHack is a free annual competition that has been running since 2009, and is currently at over 40 locations across Australia and New Zealand. It is a unique competition about ‘mashing’ together open data sets into new brilliant concepts that solve problems to create better outcomes for our communities.

GovHack has inspired governments across Australia to improve how they deliver their data, to make it easier for the public to understand how governments use revenue, and to focus more attention on delivering citizen centric services.

Over the course of the weekend hackers form teams identify problems to solve, build working prototypes, publish their code as open source, and can even make a short video showing what they did and why. Projects can include web, mobile or augmented reality applications, development of new apps, new analysis or even 3D printed visualisations to understand data and patterns.

Thousands of open data sources are available, and there will be locally based challenges available to work on. You can work on a local challenge or you can review a national challenge – the choice is yours!

Everyone is welcome – you don’t have to be a ‘techie’ to be part of the action, regular participants include artists and storytellers through to developers and entrepreneurs.

Register now as an individual or a team at