GovHub confirmed for the Valley

More jobs are coming to the Latrobe Valley with a dedicated government hub to provide a base for up to 300 staff, including 150 public sector jobs.

Construction of the new complex begins next year and is expected to create 100 jobs, with the project to be completed by mid-2020. The location of the new GovHub is still to be determined.

Up to half of the 150 Victorian Government roles at GovHub will be positions advertised within 12 months so local jobseekers can apply.

The remaining positions will be consolidated from Melbourne – including Earth Resources Regulation staff who will establish a new head office in the Latrobe Valley.

With mine regulation and rehabilitation a key focus for the region, the regulator’s new head office will ensure the best local minds are working for the community.

The complex will also house Parks Victoria staff working in environment, research and other service functions, as well as staff from EPA.