Latrobe Regional Health - Gina Chick

27 March 2024

Connected to self, others and the environment

Speaking of International Women’s Day, some of the LVA team were fortunate enough to attend a captivating presentation by Gina Chick, kindly put on by the amazing team at Latrobe Regional Health.

Gina won the first series of ‘Alone Australia’ – a reality survival challenge where she lasted 67 days in the Tasmanian wilderness, fending for herself. But this woman is so much more than a reality show contestant. She is an author, a dancer, a renowned rewilding facilitator….an inspiration. 

Gina shared her wisdom about how being connected to self, others, and the environment is the one thing that is central to the flow of everything else. And that relying on instincts will help bring the decisions that make our world a better place.

It was a powerful message and one that resonated BIG TIME for the LVA team. Because we know that connection is at the centre of everything we do in the region.  

We connect: 
πŸ’• Our values to our work 
πŸ“ŒEvidence to strategy 
πŸƒβ€ Plans to actions 
🀝 With partners and stakeholders to solve challenges together 
πŸ₯— Gippsland’s regional strengths to tangible outcomes 
πŸ‘·β€β™€οΈ Workers and students with opportunities 
πŸ’‘ Ideas with possibilities 
😎 Advocacy with progress 

AND, most importantly, we connect with our community to understand, and act on, what you tell us is important to your future.

Pictured LVA staff and Gina Chick. L-R: (back) Carla Bruce, Samantha McHenry, Chris Buckingham, Penny Molnar, Gina Chick, Melissa McRae. (front) Andrea Streckfuss, Shona Anderson.