Morwell Junior Football Club up in lights

Night time shot of football game with bright over head lights

In late 2017 the Morwell Junior Football had a problem. It wasn't a lack of volunteers or juniors wanting to play football. It was the dimly lit Northern Reserve. The lack of appropriate lighting made training after 5 pm in the winter months nearly impossible. This had a follow-on effect in that AFL enthusiasts couldn't take advantage of the opportunity of joining a local football club. The lack of lights put pressure on the Club's volunteers, having to host multiple training nights, the increased chance of potential injury, and a lack of community around the Club.

However, all of this changed in 2020 with the installation of AFL-approved sports lighting at the Reserve. The installation of the lights was made possible with the support of the Latrobe Valley Authority Community and Facility Fund.

Since 2020 the Club has flourished and successfully grown its participation rates to approximately 250 members. The Club now proudly has an entire squad of footy enthusiasts, from AusKick, up to a Girl's Youth team. The Club now trains on Tuesday and Thursday nights, even in winter. And it hosts Youth Girl's night matches with rival teams.

Chris Gaunt states, " The follow-on effects of installing the lights have been massive. The lights have meant a real community around the Club, the children can train safely, and the Reserve is now a vibrant space for the community. All of this wouldn't have been possible without the support of the Community Facility Fund and the hard work and dedication of the Morwell Junior Football Club committee."