My journey at the LVA - Enayat Azimi

27 February 2024

The LVA was delighted to host Enayat, a Deakin University marketing student, over the summer months. We’re not quite sure what Enayat was expecting when he was welcomed by the LVA via the Refugee and Asylum Seeker Internship Program, but he soon found himself working on all sort of projects supporting the regional transition in Gippsland.

Here’s Enayat’s story about his time with the LVA. We’re pretty sure Gippsland has a new fan and that we’ll be seeing him contributing in one way or another to the region over his career. Best wishes Enayat!

Embrace every opportunity, challenge yourself, and never stop learning

Hello, everyone! My name is Enayat Azimi, and I want to share my journey during my time at Latrobe Valley Authority (LVA).

When I joined LVA as a Communication and Marketing Assistant through the CareerSeekers program, I was excited yet a bit nervous. Coming from a diverse background with zero experience in the government sector, this was a whole new experience for me. But from the moment I walked into the office in Morwell, I felt welcomed.

As an intern, one of my first projects was assisting with the December issue of the LVA newsletter. It was challenging at first, but with the guidance of my colleagues, I quickly found my rhythm. As weeks went by, I had the opportunity to work on event preparation. Coordinating logistics and liaising with vendors was a comprehensive experience that taught me a lot.

What stood out the most during my time at LVA was the people. My manager, Penny, and the entire Comms team were incredibly supportive. I had insightful discussions with every staff member, and they all helped me so much to get settled. Their perspectives on LVA's role in the community were eye-opening.

One project that I found particularly rewarding was the development of a comms toolkit for staff. Researching and creating content for the toolkit gave me a glimpse into the meticulous planning required for effective communication strategies.

As I wrap up my internship at LVA, I can say with confidence that this experience has been transformative. It's not just about the professional skills I've gained but also the personal growth. I leave with a sense of gratitude for the support and encouragement I received.

To future interns, I would say this: Embrace every opportunity, challenge yourself, and never stop learning. LVA is a place where you can grow both professionally and personally.

Thank you, LVA, for this incredible journey. I will carry the lessons learned and memories made here with me as I continue my path forward.

Photo - LVA's Sarita Torres, Ash Hall, Enayat Azimi, Penny Molnar and Chris Buckingham.