Socially Responsible Renewable Energy Development

Community Power Agency is delivering the second round of the highly successful short course on Socially Responsible Renewable Energy Development that we have developed in collaboration with the Yunus Centre at Griffith University and with support from RE-Alliance.

The renewables landscape is changing rapidly and we need ways of operating that activate strong community support and share the benefits. We need renewable energy developers who can secure and maintain community support for current and emerging opportunities. Getting the social aspects right will:

  • Help the renewable energy industry thrive into the future
  • Deliver benefits in regional communities and harness community support
  • Assist State Governments to meet their renewable energy targets

This eight-week online course will equip renewable energy practitioners with training in best-practice community engagement and benefit sharing concepts and methods and will include leading guest speakers from the sector each week.

To find out more please visit the course website here.