Special workshop: Transitioning to your next job

Expert Ivan Neville will take you through what’s happening in the local jobs market, what employers are looking for, what support is available, and what you can do to maximise your chances of getting your next job.

Ivan Neville has worked for the federal Department of Employment for 15 years and currently manages the Labour Market Research and Analysis Branch. He is responsible for analysing the contemporary Australian labour market and identifying current and future demand for skills. He gives many presentations around the country on a broad range of labour market issues. Ivan has also had extensive international experience, and worked in the ABS for many years in a number of economic and labour market areas.

Date: Tuesday 7th February – 2.00 pm
Location: Skills and Jobs Centre, Federation Training, Morwell Campus (Next to Mid Valley) Morwell

Job seekers and their Partners are invited to attend

Presented by Federation Training