The VERY Idea

Our youth facilitators grab a snap with Lucy Bloom.

A big day of even bigger ideas!

June 21st may have been the shortest day of the year, but it was the biggest day of creativity and collaboration at a very special FOBI event, The VERY Idea.

Imagine bringing together a collection of leaders, partners, educators, young people, and community members from across the region. to discuss and collaborate around the big ideas and opportunities for a thriving Gippsland.

Facilitated by the dynamic Lucy Bloom, who brought both hilarity and insight in equal parts. Lucy created a supportive environment where ideas of all shapes and sizes flourished without judgment. The day was packed full of secret reveals, business launches, podcasts, sprint workshops, and young Gippslanders wholeheartedly pitching their big ideas!

Together we tackled the challenges of achieving gender equality and getting authentic youth perspectives in front of decision makers.

Youth leaders from Latrobe Youth Space, Ladder and the Centre for Multicultural Youth led discussions, sharing their personal experiences and the challenges they encounter on a daily basis. Hats off to the young people who bravely shared their stories to open-minded audiences both in the room and online. Thank you. We’re pretty confident that not a soul left the event unchanged by the stories they heard.

So what's next?

Looking forward, we know that The VERY Idea sparked many new collaborations among organisations and a whole lot of amazing and impactful ideas for our region were hatched. Watch this space!

Watch a recap of the day: