Women in Energy

Women in Energy

Women in Energy - Gippsland Leaders Shining a Light on Energy Transition

Gippsland's role in the energy transition took centre stage in a recent Women in Energy Networking event in Melbourne. Bodye Darvill, Director Emerging Industries at LVA, and Nicola Pero, Executive Manager Offshore Engagement at Iberdrola Australia led an engaging discussion that illuminated the region's crucial role in shaping the future of energy. Bodye delved into data regarding Gippsland's existing energy generation profile and the extensive spectrum of renewable energy technologies proposed for the region. She provided insights into the region’s commitment to working together to understand the opportunities and embed the benefits that can come through energy transition.

Gippsland is unique in that its abundance of renewable resources allows for continued contribution to the nationwide and global shift towards clean energy. So whilst the region is participating in a global movement, it's also harnessing local opportunities and making a meaningful impact through tangible projects driving positive change.

A central focus of Gippsland's energy transition is the generation of jobs, supply chain opportunities, and business growth. The transition aims to include everyone in a positive future. Numerous initiatives are supporting workplace and industry transition while helping Gippsland residents connect with these evolving opportunities. Identifying where jobs will be located, the required skill sets and the capacity of local businesses to meet these needs is a priority.

A critical aspect of Gippsland's energy transition is ensuring the benefits are distributed equitably. Regions worldwide undergoing similar transformations are watching and learning from Gippsland with interest. It's a testament to what can be achieved when communities come together with a shared vision for a sustainable, prosperous future.