Envisioning Gippsland's future at the Morwell Christmas Family Fun Day

Our LVA team joined in the festivities of the Morwell Family Fun Day on Sunday, working on the Rotary barbecue, running activities for the kids and chatting with families about what matters most to them.

With our focus on Gippsland 2035 and the transition plan to make the region’s future a successful one from the perspectives of the economy and lifestyle, the day was a great opportunity to connect with the community and gather their ideas and considerations.

It was also a reminder of the importance of grassroots engagement and adapting our techniques, so they are relevant to the audience. We created a real buzz around our stall on Sunday by running activities for the kids, and through our engagement with their children, we created opportunities to engage with the parents, grandparents and other carers and family members present on the day. All the fun provided many gateways to meaningful conversations about the families’ worries, hopes and aspirations for our community, and most importantly, their children.

This engagement with a diverse range of families was critical to strengthen our reach and showed us that the parents and grandparents in our community really want to know there is a happy, successful future in Gippsland.

The key priorities for families were health and wellbeing with a focus on mental health and elderly support; schools and education; jobs and employment, and affordable housing.

If you are part of our fabulous Latrobe Valley and Gippsland communities, and haven’t yet had a chance to tell us your hopes and aspirations for the region’s future, you can find more information here and follow the links to complete our short survey.