Gippsland Woodcraft Group

Gippsland Woodcraft Group received a $4,249 grant through LVA’s Community Facility Fund to install solar panels to their Nambrok-based workshop.

This project will enable significant savings for electricity costs addressing a rising cost into the future. This will enable appropriate fees to be maintained for the membership and allow improved activity especially through the removal use restrictions on high powered machines.

The project will improve the long-term financial sustainability of the group and contribute to the community activity generated by the Group.


Gippsland Woodcraft Group have also received a $5,645.85 grant under the LVA’s Community Facility Fund towards the construction of a new storage shed.

The new 6m x 3.6m storage shed will address the lack of storage, removing the need to store materials off-site. Ready access to materials will ensure a growth in membership and enable more community projects to be completed.